Welcome to Golf with Flair

Welcome to Golf with Flair

Your one-stop shop for unique golf related accessories and golf themed decorating products.

Tired of seeing the same old golf items on your typical golf website or store over and over again? We have scoured the net and other resources to find unique golf themed items you will not find at your typical golf store or pro shop.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. In support of the campaign we are featuring our Pink Ribbon golf accessories:

Most Popular Golf Accessories

Here are a few of our most popular golf accessories:

Unique Golf
Ball Markers

Unique Golf Ball Markers

Themed golf ball markers & coin hat clip ball markers.

Knit Golf
Club Headcovers

Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Knit golf club headcovers - decorate your clubs w/ flair!

Themed Golf
Tee Bags

Themed Tee Bags

Themed golf tee bags complete with tees.

Latest Additions

Introducing our latest additions to the Golf with Flair website.

Divot Dots
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Divot Dots - Purple & Pink polka dot theme knitted golf club headcovers

Purple & Pink headcovers w/ white dots.

Personalized Stainless Steel Flasks

Engraved Stainless Steel Flasks

Stainless steel engraved flasks.

Personalized Leather Wrapped Flasks

Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel Flasks

Leather wrapped stainless steel flasks.

Golf Themed
Car & Cart Emblems

Chrome plated golf themed car emblems

Lady & male golfer & general golf themed car emblems.

Two 4 Tee
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Two 4 Tee - Red, white & black stripes & Argyle theme knitted golf club headcovers

Red, white & black theme with Argyle accent covers.

Zany Zebras
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Zany Zebras - Black, white, lime green and blue stripes and dots theme knitted golf club headcovers

Blue, lime green, white & black stripes & dots.

Red Hots
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Red Hots - Red & black poka dots theme knitted golf club headcovers

Red & black theme w/ black & white accent covers.

Spot the Dots
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Spot the Dots - Lime green & black dots and striped knitted golf club headcovers

Lime green & black poka dot & striped covers.

Par-Fect Pinks
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Par-Fect Pinks - Pink themed knitted golf club headcovers

Pink themed with hot pink & white accents.

All Stripes
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

All Stripes - Black & white and red & white striped knitted golf club headcovers

Black/white, red/white & red/black/white striped.

Pink Diamond
Knit Golf Club Headcovers

Pink Diamond - Pink diamond theme knitted golf club headcovers

Pink diamond headcovers w/ black accent covers.

Wine Cellar Wine Charms

Wine Charms w/ Wine Themed Charms

Wine cellar wine charms in gold or silver w/ various beads each side of charm.

Bead Stroke Counter

Bead Stroke Counters w/ Golf Charms

Golf bead stroke counters w/ various types of beads and golf charm.

Golf Towel w/ Golf Club Groove Brush

Golf Towel w/ Club Brush

Cotton golf towel w/ golf club groove brush.

Coloured Golf Gloves

Coloured Golf Gloves

Durabile all year coloured golf gloves available in 11 different colours.

Golfer Angel Pins

Golf Angel Pins

Golfer guardian angel pins for male or lady golfers. Convertable to an ornament, tie tack, keychain or clip.

Golf Necklace w/ Swarovski Crystal Golf Ball

Golf Necklaces with Swarovski Crystal Golf Ball

Golf necklaces w/ golf tee or golf club charm & Swarovski Crystal golf ball.

Unique Golf Products

Unlike the big stores, our selection of unique products includes items to decorate your home or yard with golf themed items plus useful but also unique items to use on the golf course and in your golf bag all in one spot.

Have a look around. You will find all kinds of affordable items that will make you the talk of the golf course.

Placing your order is amazingly simple:

  • Select your choices.
  • Add your items to the shopping cart.
  • Pay through our secure checkout process.
  • Then wait for your purchases to be delivered to your door.

...All without leaving your computer.

Golf Accessories - Golf Decor

Here are our golf accessory and decor product sections:

Golf Themed Items For Your Home

Interested in decorating your home with a golf theme? Need some inspiration for your decorating project? We have you covered. Our golf home decor section includes:

Golf Accessories for on the Golf Course

The little golf accessories you need on the golf course to mark your ball and repair divots.

  • Unique Golf Ball Markers

    Mark you ball on the green with one of our unique golf ball markers. Our collection includes fun and serious themed ball markers plus coin ball markers with gold accents.

  • Divot Tools

    Repair those divots you made on the green with one of our unique divot repair tools. A must have in every golf bag.

Accessories for Your Golf Bag

  • Tee Bags

    Have tees floating around in one of the pockets of your golf bag? Store them in a tee bag which hangs on the outside of your golf bag for easy access.

  • Golf Club Headcovers

    Protect your golf clubs with our animal themed or knitted golf club headcovers.

  • Golf Towels

    Dry off your golf ball, golf club or hands with one of our golf towels.