Golf Towels

Golf Towels

Everyone needs a golf towel for their golf bag! Select one of our cotton golf towels or personalized golf towels to add to your golf kit.

Select a golf towel to match your golf bag, outfit or headcovers, we have lots of colours and styles to choose from. Get 2! One to use as a wet towel to clean and the other as a dry towel to dry your equipment.

Choose from our tendy microfiber golf towels, 100% cotton golf towels or order a personalized golf towel for yourself or someone special.

100% Cotton Golf Towels

Our 100% cotton golf towels come in 8 different styles. Each is accented with a decorative ribbon and comes with a hook to easily hang from your golf bag or belt.

100% Cotton
Golf Towels

Colorful Cotton Golf Towels

Bright cotton golf towels.

Microfiber Golf Towels

Available is 4 different designs to hang from your golf club or golf bag.

Microfiber Golf Towels

Microfiber Golf towels

Tour & cart microfiber golf towels in various patterns

Personalized Golf Towels

All of our golf towels come complete with gromment and clip for easy attachment to your golf bag or belt loop.

Personalized golf towel is available in black, red or blue with a choice of 15 different colours of embroidery threads to choose from.

Personalized Golf Towel

Personalized Golf Towel

Monogrammed red, blue or black golf towel w/ choice of 15 colours of embroidery threads.

Why Carry a Golf Towel?

Golf towels are small towels you can keep handy while playing golf by clipping it to your golf bag or the belt loop on your pants, shorts or golf skirt.

Golfers use their golf towel to clean their golf clubs, wipe their face on a hot or wet day, clean their hands after picking up a dirty golf ball or retreiving that shot that went into the water. A golf towel can also be used to clean or dry golf balls.

How Do You Clean a Golf Towel?

When golf towels get dirty (as they over time no matter how good of a golfer you are) just remove the towel from your golf bag, remove the clip from the gromment and wash just like the towels used at home.