Themed Golf Tee Bags

Themed Golf Tee Bags

Have a special theme you like off the golf course? Would you like to have a unique golf tee bag no one else in your flight has? Have a look at our Themed Golf Tee Bags collections.

There are lots of different themes available, check them out below.

Don't see a theme that meets your needs? Contact us to ask for a quote on a custom themed tee bag for your special event or club.

Themed Tee Bags

BBQ Theme

BBQ Themed Golf Tee Bags

BBQ themed golf tee bag. Goes w/ our BBQ themed ball markers and divot tool.

Gaming Theme

Gaming Themed Golf Tee Bags

Gaming themed golf tee bags to match our gaming themed ball markers.

Desert & Western

Desert & Themed Golf Tee Bags

Rhinestone Cowgirl golf tee bag. Goes with our desert & western themed ball markers.

Peace & Love

Peace & Love Themed Golf Tee Bags

Peace & Love themed golf tee bag captures memories from the 60s.

Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll Nostalgia Themed Golf Tee Bags

Take rock & roll nostlgic memories to the golf course w/ our Rock & Roll tee bag.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Golf Tee Bags

Breast cancer Pink Ribbon on white golf tee bag honouring breast cancer survivors.

Beautify Game

Beautify Your Game™ Golf Tee Bags

Flower and feather Beautify Your Game™ Golf Tee Bags designed by Helen H. Thomas.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Themed Golf Tee Bags

Horse racing golf tee bag goes w/ Beautify Your Game™ and horse racing golf ball markers.


Military Themed Golf Tee Bags

U.S. Military themed golf tee bag w/ American Eagle and U.S.A. flag.


Patterned Golf Tee Bags

Red plaid patterned golf tee bag goes w/ any of our themed ball markers or divot tools.

Themed Accessories

Check out our other themed golf accessories:

  • Themed Golf Ball Markers

    Ball Markers

  • Themed Divot Tools

    Divot Tools

Themed Golf Tee Bag Details

  • Drawstring closure with a lock.
  • Made of soft microfiber.
  • Hook to easily attach to your golf bag.
  • Comes with nine matching tees.


  • 4" w x 5 1/4" h (100mm x 133mm)

Shipping Details

  • Our themed golf tee bags are shipped from the U.S.A. and are available for shipment to Canada and the Contiguous U.S.A. via US Postal.
  • Normal Shipping Time: Our normal shipping time is approximately 3 working days to process the order plus shipping time.
  • Local taxes (not shown on your invoice), customs and duty fees are not included. These are the responsibility of the purchaser at time of delivery.

Interesting facts about Tees

The last Major Rule change for the game of Golf was the development of the golf tee. Prior to this change boxes of sand were provided for players to make small mounds to tee the ball up, this became known as the "tee box".

The first golf tees used layed flat ong the ground with a portion raised to hold the ball. Later, the first tee that pierced the ground was a peg with a rubber top, this was known as the Perfectum.

The use of the wooden peg style with a flared top only took off after Walter Hagen was hired to promote it. It has since been copied many times around the Globe and still remains the most common type of tee to this day.