Horse Racing Themed Golf Tee Bags

Do you play the ponies? This horse racing themed tee bag goes nicely with our Beautify Your Game™ and horse racing series of golf ball markers by Helen H. Thomas.

Did you know that July 15 is National I Love Horses Day? Don't forget your horse themed golf tee bag when you hit the golf course on July 15.

Get our Horse Racing Themed tee bag to store all those golf tees scattered around your golf bag.

Horse Racing tee bag RRTB-006


  • Drawstring closure with a lock.
  • Made of soft microfiber.
  • Hook to easily attach to your golf bag.
  • Comes with nine matching tees.


  • Our themed golf tee bags are shipped from the U.S.A. and are available for shipment to Canada and the Contiguous U.S.A. via US Postal.
  • Normal Shipping Time: Our normal shipping time is approximately 3 working days to process the order plus shipping time.
  • Local taxes (not shown on your invoice), customs and duty fees are not included. These are the responsibility of the purchaser at time of delivery.


  • Price:
    USD $ 6.50 ea
    Can $ 8.62 ea
  • Product Type: Golf tee bag
  • Dimensions:
    4" w x 5 1/4" h (100mm x 133mm)
  • Colour: Multi coloured
    Colors may vary slightly from images shown.
  • Packaging Quantity: 1
  • Shipped From: U.S.A.
  • Can be Shipped To:
    Canada and U.S.A. via US Postal system
  • Normal Shipping Time:
    Approximately 3 working days to process the order plus shipping time.

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Horse Racing Themed Tee Bag Accessories

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Horse Racing Themed Golf Tee Bag

USD $ 6.50 ea
Can $ 8.62 ea

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