Themed Divot Tools

Themed Divot Repair Tools and Ball Marker

Looking for a themed divot repair tool to add to your golf bag? We have a large collection of themed divot repair tools with ball marker available.

Our themed divot tools include these different themes of ball markers:

  • Fun loving themes.
  • Swarovski Crystal ball markers for most themes.
  • Patriotic golf ball markers.

Pick your favourite theme from below.

If you can not find what you are looking for or are looking for golf tournament gifts, contact us.

Themed Divot Repair Tool Products

These ball mark repair tools not only serve as a divot repair tool, they include a ball marker as well. Two essential golfing tools in one (three is you select the clip/club rest model).

BBQ Theme

BBQ Themed Divot Tool

Chillin' and Grillin' BBQ grill ball marker w/ regular or clip divot repair tool.

Swarovski Initials

Swarovski Initial Divot Tool

Swarovski crystal initial ball marker c/w clip on or regular divot repair tool.

Desert & Western

Desert & Western Themed Divot Tool

Regular & bling desert/western golf ball marker w/ divot repair tool.

Peace & Love

Peace Love & Golf Themed Divot Tool

Peace & love bling and regular golf ball markers to choose from for this divot repair tool.

Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll Themed Divot Tool

Musical & Rock & Roll themed golf ball markers w/ divot repair tool.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Themed Divot Tool

Breast cancer pink ribbon regular & bling ball markers w/ divot repair tool.

U.S.A. Flag

U.S.A. Flag Themed Divot Tool

Waving US flag regular or w/ Swarovski golf ball markers divot tools.

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag Divot Tools

Swarovski or regular Canadian flag ball markers w/ clip or regular divot repair tool.

British Isles Flag

British Isles Flag Divot Tools

British Isles golf ball markers w/ and w/o Swarovski crystals golf ball marker included.

Poker Cards

Poker Card Themed Divot Tools

King of Clubs, Queen of Clubs or Four Aces golf ball markers included.

US Military

US Military Themed Divot Tool

US military double sided golf ball markers included w/ regular or clip divot tool.

Themed Accessories

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    Ball Markers

  • Themed Tee Bags

    Tee bags w/ tees

Themed Divot Tool Details

  • Divot tool matches the edge of the ball marker plating.
  • The clip on the clip/club rest version will secure properly to even the thinest fabric.
  • Easily remove the ball marker by pushing down and flipping the ball marker out.
  • Matching accessories available.

Shipping Details

  • All themed divot tools are shipped from the U.S.A. and are available for shipment to Canada and U.S.A. via US Postal system
  • Local taxes (not shown on your invoice), customs and duty fees are not included. These are the responsibility of the purchaser at time of delivery.

Golf Green Divot Repair Etiquette

Did you find or cause a divot on the green? Proper golfing etiquette is for you to repair any divots you or someone else made with their ball, clubs or shoes. Accidents also happen when laying down a golf bag or the flag stick. Fix those too! This is why a good golfer always has a divot repair tool handy.

Prevent Damaging the Green

How can you help prevent damaging the green?

  • While practicing your putt avoid hitting the green.
  • When taking your actual putt avoid hitting the green.
  • Be careful when laying down your golf bag and the flagstick on the green.
  • Avoid standing too close to the hole.
  • Carefully remove your golf ball from the green and/or hole.
  • While on the green, avoid leaning on your putter.
  • While tending the flag, be careful not to puncture the green.
  • No temper tandrums on the green in which you hit the green with your putter or the flag.
  • Use a golf ball marker instead of a tee or your divot tool when marking your ball.

Follow these golf green etiquette tips to leave the green in great condition for the next golfer.