Golf Ball Markers

Unique Golf Ball Markers

Golf with Flair carries a collection of unique golf ball markers you will not find in your typical golf store or pro shop. We have scoured North America to find the most unique golf ball markers available.

Our coin ball markers are constructed with bright silver, 24k gold, have an acrylic coating for wear protection and are mounted on an antique gold hat clip with magnets. A variety of country specific coins are available for you to choose from.

The other type of ball markers we have are themed ball markers. All kinds of themes available and more being added all the time. These golf ball markers come as regular ball markers with some versions available as bling golf ball markers plus your choice of hat clip or shoe clip included in the price.

Our ball markers are available for shipment to Canada and the USA currently.

Golf Ball Markers

Coin Hat Clip Golf Ball Markers

Coin Hat Clip Golf Ball Markers

Unique coin hat clip golf ball markers using various coins from around the world. Our coin ball markers make great gifts.

Themed Golf Ball Markers

Themed Golf Ball Markers

Unique themed golf ball markers. Lots of themes available with matching golf accessories such as tee bags, hat clips, divot tools & more.

We don't just have traditional hat clip ball markers. We also have other types of golf ball markers available.

Golf Ball Marker Necklaces

Ball Marker Necklaces

Golf Ball Marker Necklaces

Themed & Swarovski Crystal magnetic golf ball marker necklaces on cord or chain necklaces.

Ordering a ball marker is easy. Just select your chosen ball marker from our selection available above, add it/them to your shopping cart and pay for your order with your credit card or via PayPal via our secure shopping cart.

We have kept our pricing and shipping costs low to make these an affordable gift for the golfer on your gift giving list or to purchase for yourself.

Image how you or the golfer on your gift giving list will be the talk of the golf course using one of our unique golf ball markers or hat clip ball markers. The themed golf ball markers have matching themed divot tools and golf tee bags.

If you are new to golf and would like to know more about golf ball markers see:

History of Ball Markers

Ball markers came into being in 1952 when the golfing rules where changed by the United States Golf Association and the R&A. Before golf ball markers were permitted you had to try and putt around a ball that was between your ball and the hole.

What are the Rules for Golf Ball Markers?

How is a Ball Marker Used?

When your ball is in the way of the person trying to putt their ball you mark your ball's position with your ball marker. The ball marker is to be placed immediately behind your ball then you can remove your ball.

If your ball marker is in the person putting's way, you can use your putter to measure from your ball marker to a spot out of the way. If you were asked to do this, when it is your turn, use your putter to measure the distance where you need to put your marker back.

Here is the official wording in the rules for using a golf ball marker:

The position of a ball to be lifted should be marked by placing a ball-marker, a small coin or other similar object immediately behind the ball. If the ball-marker interferes with the play, stance or stroke of another player, it should be placed one or more clubhead-lengths to one side.

Source: Rule 20-1. Lifting and Marking - USGA: Rules and Decisions

Types of Ball Markers

Golf ball markers come in various types. They can be:

  • Plastic or metal with a "spike" which secures it to the ground.
  • Metal discs with or without a design on them.
  • A coin, tee, or any other small object.

More Information About Golf Ball Markers

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