Themed Golf Ball Markers

Have a special theme you like off the golf course? Would you like to have a unique golf ball marker no one else in your flight has? Have a look at our themed golf ball markers collections.

There are lots of different themes available, check them out below.

Don't see a theme that meets your needs? Contact us to ask for a quote on a custom themed ball marker for your special event or club.

Themed Golf Ball Markers Collection

Our themed golf ball markers collection includes the following themes. Each theme has bling and regular ball markers available:

BBQ Theme

BBQ Themed Golf Ball Markers

Rack of BBQ ribs, T-bone steak, corn on the cob, turkey leg shaped ball markers.

Beer Theme

Beer Themed Golf Ball Markers

Beer mug shaped ball marker & matching beer mug hat clip. W/ Swarovski crystals avail.

Swarovski Initials

Swarovski Initial Golf Ball Markers

Sand-blasted gold-plated ball marker w/ Swarvoski crystal initial.

Swarovski Fruit

Swarovski Fruit Themed Ball Markers

Fruit shaped ball markers w/ Swarovski crystals. Plant hat clip or shoe clip.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Golf Ball Markers

Horse ball markers w/ Swarovski crystals & without. Matching horse hat clip.

Peace & Love

Peace & Love Themed Golf Ball Markers

Peace & Love themed ball markers. Bling peace sign ball markers. VW van hat clip.

Poker Cards

Poker Card Themed Golf Ball Markers

Poker card shaped ball markers & regular ball markers. Vegas hat clip.


Dice Themed Golf Ball Markers

Dice shaped ball markers. Some with Swarovski crystals. Matching Vegas hat clip.

Poker Chips

Poker Chip Themed Golf Ball Markers

Vegas poker chip ball markers w/ Swarovski crystal border. Matching Vegas hat clip.

US Military

US Military Themed Golf Ball Markers

US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard ball markers.

Desert & Western

Desert & Western Themed Golf Ball Markers

Desert & western themed ball markers w/ and w/o Swarovski crystals.

Beautify Game

Beautify Your Game™ Golf Ball Markers

Beautify Your Game™ ball markers w/ matching hat clip. Some w/ bling embellishment.

Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll Nostalgia Themed Golf Ball Markers

Rock & roll shaped and regular ball markers. Some w/ bling. Matching jukebox hat clip.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Ball Markers

Pink ribbon round ball markers. Some w/ Swarovski crystal bling embellishment.

US Flag

US Flag Ball Markers

US waving flag ball markers w/ matching hat clip. Bling versions available.

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag Ball Markers

Round Canadian flag ball markers w/ and w/o Swarovski crystals.

British Isles

British Isles Flag Ball Markers

Round Union Jack, England and Ireland flag ball markers w/ and w/o Swarovski crystals.

Themed Golf Accessories

Check out our other themed golf accessories:

  • Themed Tee Bags

    Tee Bags w/ tees

  • Themed Divot Tools

    Divot Tools w/ ball marker

Themed Ball Marker Details

  • High quality construction.
  • Unique designs.
  • Matching accessories available.


  • Standard sized ball markers 1" round ( 24.5mm )
  • Shaped ball markers 1 1/16", 1 1/4" ( 27.4mm, 33mm)

Shipping Details

  • Our themed ball markers are shipped from the U.S.A. and are available for shipment to Canada and the Contiguous U.S.A. via the US Postal system.
  • Normal Shipping Time: Our normal shipping time is approximately 3 working days to process the order plus shipping time.
  • Local taxes (not shown on your invoice), customs and duty fees are not included. These are the responsibility of the purchaser at time of delivery.

Did you Know?

The use of Golf Ball markers did not come into existence until the early 1950's at which time the U.S.G.A. approved their use. Prior to this time if a player's ball was in his opponents line, he had to putt around it or "pop" it over top of the opposing players ball.

At first players used a coin to mark the spot of the ball. Later on Sponsors used the ball marker as a marketing tool and came up with Ball Markers with their Logo's imprinted on them.

Making the right chose for a Ball Marker may not be a crucial part of the game but they do play an important role. Make a personal statement and stand out on the course with a distintive choice for your Ball Marker.

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